Columbia vs Central Connecticut – Game Preview – October 9, 2021

The Columbia Lions (2-1) visit the Central Connecticut State Blue Devils (1-3) at Arute Field on Saturday, October 9, 2021.

Game Info

  • Match day: Saturday, October 9, 2021

  • Game time: 1:00 p.m. ET

  • Site: New Britain, Connecticut

  • Stadium: Arute field

Hundred. Conn statistics and trends. St.

  • The Blue Devils have averaged 3.3 more points this season (17.3) than the Lions have allowed (14.0).

  • The Blue Devils offense is averaging 312.7 yards per game this season, 312.7 more than the 0.0 the Lions defense has allowed.

  • The Lions defense has allowed an average of 0.0 yards per game in opposing running games this season. That’s 92.3 yards shorter than the Blue Devils won while running in football (92.3).

  • This season, the Lions have forced a turnover, compared to the seven times the Blue Devils have returned the ball.

Colombia statistics and trends

  • The Lions have put in about the same number of points on the board per game this year (37.0) as the Blue Devils have allowed (34.3).

  • The Lions offense has averaged 462.0 yards per game this season, 59.7 yards more than the 402.3 the Blue Devils defense allowed.

  • The Blue Devils allowed 98.0 rushing yards per game. That’s 212.0 less than the Lions win per game (310.0).

  • The Lions haven’t returned the ball once this season, while the Blue Devils have four takeaways.

Hundred. Conn. St. Players to watch

  • Romelo Williams directs Cent. Conn. St. with 581 passing yards (193.7 yards per game) on 53 of 95 passes with five touchdowns and two interceptions this season. He also has 66 rushing yards (22.0 yards per game) on 26 carries while scoring a rushing touchdown.

  • The team’s top forward, Nasir Smith, has carried the ball 43 times for 174 yards (58.0 per game) this year. He also caught 11 passes for 49 yards (16.3 per game).

  • Team-top Everett Wormley’s 172 receiving yards (57.3 yards per game) allowed 11 receptions with two touchdowns.

  • Isiah Williams racked up 111 receiving yards (55.5 yards per game), recording six assists this year.

  • Tyshaun James has eight receptions for 75 yards (37.5 yards per game) and one touchdown this season.

Columbia players to watch

  • Joe Green was a double threat to lead Columbia in both passing and running. He has 153 passing yards (153.0 yards per game), completing 63.2% of his passes and recording one touchdown assist this season. He ran for 24 yards (24.0 yards per game) in five carries.

  • The team’s top forward, Ryan Young, has carried the ball 18 times for 95 yards (95.0 per game) this year. He proved to be a double threat, racking up 23 receiving yards (23.0 per game) on four catches.

  • Ernest Robertson’s 87 receiving yards (87.0 yards per game) lead all receivers on the team. He totaled two receptions and one touchdown.

  • Marcus Libman’s four catches brought him 21 yards (21.0 yards per game).

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