Community members celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail by cycling to work

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Friday is National Bike to Work Day and people are enjoying the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail. They also stop on the way to celebrate a very important date.

”We are also celebrating the 200and anniversary of the Farmington Canal, which was officially chartered here in New Haven in May 1822,” said Aaron Goode, founder of Farmington Canal Greenway.

The trail connects the history of the development of this region, which made it an economic powerhouse.

Two centuries ago, the path was used to transport goods to other parts of the state.

“It’s become extremely popular for people not only riding, biking, walking their dogs on the trail for fun, but also for commuter trips,” said Lisa Fernandez, president of the Farmington Canal Rail to Trail Association.

The route takes people to both work and nearby schools, such as Yale University.

“We have infrared meters on the trail that show we made almost 200,000 trips along this trail last year,” Goode said.

The track also came in handy for many at the start of the pandemic.

“Since then, I’ve been horseback riding and the doctor loves it. I lost about 50 pounds while biking,” said David Schadlich, a cyclist.

There was even a birthday cake at the celebration which gave a timeline of the track. This timeline includes the statue of William Lansing, a construction pioneer, who succeeded against all odds in helping to create the trail.

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