Connecticut’s Museum of the Occult can kill you


Twill you go past the classical sculptures, impressionist paintings, and ancient chipped relics that you stroll past in your local art museum? Maybe you’d like to see a haunted Raggedy Ann doll in a shop window that could try to kill you instead.

Beneath the Connecticut home of one of the nation’s foremost experts on supernatural hauntings, across a so-called haunted passage, is a room dubbed the “Museum of the Occult.” The museum is called not only the only museum of its kind, but also redundantly the oldest, boasting “the greatest range of artifacts and haunted objects that have been used in occult practices in the world. worldwide”. The family establishment is filled from floor to ceiling with spooky voodoo dolls, satanic altars, mummies, magical mirrors, shadow books and a prominent rag doll. under a cross with bold letters issuing a warning on the window: “Positively Do Not Open. “

It is the centerpiece of the museum. Named Annabelle, the doll is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl. Horror movie fans 2013 Conspiracy may be familiar with the doll, which plays a central role. Although he has been exorcised and is now in a cage, he apparently still moves around and growls at visitors.


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