Cultural heritage experts fear Russian President Vladimir Putin is destroying Ukraine’s history

STAMFORD, Conn. — There are several hundred thousand people of Ukrainian descent in the New York metropolitan area. The culture of their homeland is preserved in a museum in Fairfield County.

Inside a Gilded Age mansion in Stamford, the culture of Ukraine is on display and preserved – from traditional clothing to religious and secular artwork and portraits of national heroes. It’s a rich legacy that conservative Lubow Wolynetz fears Russia and President Vladimir Putin will deny and even destroy.

“Those who listened to Putin’s speech, he completely rewrote history. He decided that Ukraine was never a nation, that it did not exist, that it had no language , that it was all part of Russia, etc.” Wolynetz told CBS2’s Tony Aiello. Wednesday.

“He wants to deny Ukraine’s strong economic and cultural ties with Europe. He wants to deny Ukraine an identity, a national identity, which is predominantly European,” foreign affairs expert Dr Matthew Schmidt said. from the University of New Haven.

Schmidt says Putin wants to include Ukraine in his dream of a new Russian empire between Europe and Asiaadding that the president worries about a pro-Western Ukraine, “will grow and become the starting point for anti-Putin protests and an anti-Putin movement back in Russia.”

Wolynetz said friends who run similar museums in Ukraine are taking steps to protect their collections from anything Russian. attempts to annihilate Ukrainian culture.

“That’s what Putin is trying to do. He denies everything. He says it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist, and to prove it he destroys these things,” Wolynetz said.

This is a troubling time for the world and for all things Ukraine, which is why the museum is in close contact with the police regarding security measures.

The Stamford Museum is the oldest cultural institution founded by Ukrainians in the United States.

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