Flag Day observed in cities of north central Connecticut [PHOTOS]

CONNECTICUT – Flag Day is celebrated on June 14, commemorating the adoption of the American flag on June 14, 1777 by the Second Continental Congress. A proclamation which officially established June 14 as Flag Day was issued by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916.

Flag Day is not recognized as a federal holiday, but millions of Americans patriotically display the Stars and Stripes on this day. Heavy rains and thunderstorms prevented most residents of Hartford and Tolland counties from displaying their flags on Monday. Due to these circumstances, Patch editors in the region have put together a collection of Flag Day photos taken in recent years, which you can see below.

When displaying the American flag, the following rules must be observed, according to Military.com:

  • Display the American flag from sunrise to sunset on buildings and stationary poles in the open. When a patriotic effect is desired, the flag can be flown around the clock if it is properly lit during hours of darkness.
  • When placed on a single stick or thong, place the American flag on top of all other flags.
  • When the flags are displayed in a row, the American flag goes to the left of the observer. The flags of other nations fly at the same height. National and local flags are traditionally hoisted lower.
  • When used in a marching ceremony or parade with other flags, the American flag will be to the left of the observer.
  • On special days, the flag may be hoisted at half mast. On Remembrance Day, it flies at half mast until noon, then gets up.
  • When flying half-mast, it must first be hoisted to the top for a moment, then lowered to the half-mast position. The flag must be hoisted to the top again before being lowered for the day. By “half-mast” is meant lowering the flag to half the distance between the top and bottom of the pole.
  • When the flag is unfurled in the middle of the street, it should be hung vertically with the union (blue field of stars) north on an east and west street or east on a north and south street.
  • When placed on a podium, the flag should be placed to the speaker’s right or in the staging area. The other flags should be placed on the left.
  • When displayed horizontally or vertically against a wall (or other flat surface), the union (blue field of stars) should be uppermost and to the right of the flag, i.e. at the left of the observer.
  • When displayed in a window, it should be displayed in the same way – with the union or the blue field to the left of the observer on the street.
  • When the flag is flown on a car, the stick must be securely attached to the frame or attached to the right fender.
  • When the flag is used to cover a casket, it should be placed so that the union is at the head and above the left shoulder. The flag must not be lowered into the grave or allowed to touch the ground.
Photos: Tim Jensen / Patch and Chris Dehnel / Patch

Patch editor Chris Dehnel contributed to this story.

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