Heritage Features Bust Coins and Error Coins in Upcoming Auction

Inheritance The Month-Long Showcase Auction selection continues with our October 17 Bust Coinage Showcase Auction, comprised entirely of Bust currencysilver coins minted between 1794 and around 1839. This auction focuses almost exclusively on the years 1807-1836 Bust wearing a half dollar series, a series with most dates minted in relatively large quantities, with many surviving in highly circulated grades.

Bidding on coins in this auction is now open, with the live session set to take place on Monday, October 17 at 6:00 PM CT.

One coin that attracted a few early bids was lot 92020, an 1807 half dollar, Large Stars, 50 Over 20, graded AU58 PCGS with CAC approval. The 50 out of 20 variety is an engraving error where the 5 of the denomination has been cut over a misplaced 2. This particular marriage, O-112one of two for the popular Guide booklet variety, is denoted R.1, is probably the most common 1807 Half Dollar Capped Bust variety and is easily collectible in the lower grades, although demand is still high. However, it is decidedly rare even in the intermediate grades of new condition, and even near-new examples like this fetch high prices. This lovely piece has an almost full luster with only a trace of wear at the high point. Both sides are completely and beautifully tinted golden brown, with highlights of turquoise and gold.

A few of the additional highlights of this auction are:

Mint Mistakes Showcase Sales

Error coins once again take center stage in Heritage’s latest Error Coin Auction. Bidding is open now, with the last live session scheduled for 6:00 p.m. CT on Monday, October 10. All auctions will take place via Coins.HA.com.

A particularly fascinating error coin in this auction is lot 93298, a 1917-S 25C Type Two, Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar – Struck 10% Off Center – Unc Details NGC. Off-center strikes as big as this are rare in the Standing Liberty Quarter series. This piece is off center around 12 o’clock, although freedom the head remains almost entirely on the blank and presents a remarkable sharpness full head definition. This sharpness continues throughout the shield rivets and other interior designs. This striking sharpness alone is exceptional for the 1917-S Type Two publish. Each side is shiny and satiny. Several scuffs appear – one in the obverse left margin, the others in the reverse margins. NGC note in particular the one under the eagle on the reverse, which leads to the coin being holstered Details.

Some of the other fascinating error coins featured in this auction are:

Bid on these auctions exclusively on Coins.HA.com.

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