Hispanic Heritage Month: Boricuas reunite to bring a piece of their home to mass


October 15, 2021

The Boricuas are proud of their culture and their island. Their flag has above all an important weight; it’s a sense of resilience, of their identity.

In Puerto Rico, it seems that all the houses have some representation of the flag, in one way or another. But what about Puerto Ricans who live off the island? Do they carry the same pride?

With that thought in mind as well as an idea—Why don’t we plant flags in Boston?-the South End Vejigantes Restaurant collaborated with Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción (IBA Boston) and Puerto Rican artist Héctor Collazo to bring the flag to the community of Villa Victoria in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“The goal was to bring a piece of home — public relations — to this corner of Boston,” said Juan Carlos González, an IBA Boston spokesperson. “[It’s] a place where you can feel you’re in public relations. ”

The art project, Plantando Banderas, was born after the owner of Vejigantes, Nivia Pina, saw social media Collazo’s talent, in particular the 78 Towns 1 Flag (78 pueblos una bandera) initiative of the young Puerto Rican artist.

“I contacted the management here – IBA Boston – and told them, Listen, I wanna bring it here, and I wanna have a flag here in Massachusetts“said Pina.” Our management said, Yes, we will collaborate, we will talk to the city and try to get all the permits. And here we are, we finally have our flag. “

For Collazo, Pina’s proposal was in harmony with her mission to unite people from all cities on the island through their flag, and now internationally.

“For me, it was an honor to be invited to Boston,” said the artist. “We can see that a country is still represented in sport, music, and other areas, but in The painting it’s rare. … To be able to represent public relations through painting, and not only in painting but by carrying our flag to other horizons, I cannot describe it in words. “

On the island, the 78 Towns 1 Flag movement has grown so large that citizens have taken the initiative to turn the project into a community activity where people come together to spend time with music and food, while helping Collazo paint the flags.

In the South End, the IBA Boston spokesperson initially said he was concerned that only Collazo and his girlfriend were painting the flag.

“I told him, Héctor, is that just the two of you? It’s a lot of work. And he told me, Juan Carlos is a lot of work, but when I do these projects people always join me / DigBoston

As Collazo predicted, Puerto Ricans from across the country (Connecticut, New York, New Jersey) eventually joined him to paint the flag, while those who couldn’t paint helped him in other ways, like provide food and materials for artists.

“Something very memorable has happened,” Collazo said. “About 30 to 50 Puerto Ricans arrived, and the vast majority, when I asked them which city are you from, said Villalba, Orocovis, Ponce, Isabela, etc. There were only two cities that repeated themselves. , there was representation from all public relations. “

As for the advisability of completing the mural during Hispanic Heritage Month, “It’s very important,” Pena added. “This is when we celebrate not only our culture, but all Hispanic cultures. It’s an amazing way to connect, and that’s why I want to do it… bring a little bit of myself here, something that represents where we came from. “

“We are so proud to be Boricuas that somehow, outside of our island, we want to feel united, and by putting our flag high through art, we are educating others about [PR]”said González.

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