HRC Celebrates Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month

The Human Rights Campaign celebrates and honors Asian American and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month this year by raising the voices of those who live at the intersection of LGBTQ+ and AANHPI identities. We aim to shine a light on the joy, power and resilience of the AANHPI community through a queer lens. We hope that our campaign throughout May will provide a platform for AANHPI’s LGBTQ+ people at a time when the LGBTQ+ community and AANHPI’s communities are experiencing unprecedented levels of hateful harassment and violence as well than legislative attacks.

Our celebration of AANHPI Heritage Month centers around our spoken word video series in partnership with Asian American Writers’ Workshop and Youth Speaks. These videos, featuring three young LGBTQ+ spoken word artists from AANHPI, bring visibility to the legacy of issues affecting people who live at the intersection of LGBTQ+ and AANHPI identities.

We also elevate content that highlights our work with AANHPI communities and queer people.

We hope our celebration of AANHPI Heritage Month will help LGBTQ+ Asian Americans and Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders celebrate your heritage, culture, and traditions in a way that also honors your queer identities.

Happy AANHPI Heritage Month!

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