Jamaica Heritage Plaque campaign to recognize immigrants on the Norwalk Heritage Wall

NICE’s fundraising campaign is nearing completion to permanently recognize Jamaican immigrants with a bronze plaque on the Norwalk Heritage Wall.

Give here to participate in this important project.

The Carver Foundation of Norwalk is especially proud that our CEO, Novelette Peterkin, is named to the plaque as one of six Jamaican American Honorary Members of the Jamaican Heritage Trust of Norwalk. Novelette came to America as a young girl and has served the Norwalk community in her leadership role at Carver since 2004.

The vast majority of Jamaican Americans are of Black Afro-Caribbean descent, and many are of full or partial Jamaican Indian, Jamaican Chinese, European, and Lebanese descent.

Jamaican Americans have always been an important part of the Carver community, particularly since the 1950s and 1960s. The George Washington Carver Community Center is within walking distance of the Norwalk Heritage Wall, located at Exit Ramp I -95 and West Avenue, across from Matthews Park. Heritage Park is the site of many parades and cultural festivals. This new plaque will be a source of great pride for many young people and families in Carver, now and over the decades.

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