Museum to Create Map of Civil Rights Sites in Natchez

Natchez, Miss. (AP) — The Natchez Museum of African American History and Culture has received a $1,450 grant to create a map highlighting the civil rights movement in Natchez.

Mayor Dan Gibson said the map will help tell the whole story of the city.

“This is great news for Natchez,” Gibson said in a press release. “These grant funds will greatly assist us in our efforts to better tell the full story of Natchez to include the commemoration of our African-American historic sites.”

Gibson thanked Visit Natchez, the Natchez Civil Rights Trail Committee and others for helping bring the project to fruition.

The map is a joint project between the museum and the Natchez Civil Rights Trail Committee, said Roscoe Barnes III, cultural heritage tourism manager for Visit Natchez. It will be released as a full-color pamphlet, including photographs and an annotated list of more than 50 sites that have played a significant role in the city’s civil rights journey, Barnes said.

Barnes noted that the homes of several leaders and civil rights activists will be listed, including the homes of former NAACP treasurer Wharlest Jackson Sr., who was killed by a car bomb, and the NAACP president. , George Metcalfe, who survived a car bomb. The homes of Nellie Jackson, Mary Lee Toles, Forrest Johnson, Mayor John Nosser, Marjorie Baroni, Jessie B. Williams, Alderman Theodore West, Mamie Lee Green Mazique among others are included.

Other notable sites are government buildings that played a role in the movement, including the Adams County Courthouse, Natchez City Hall, and Natchez City Auditorium. Churches, parks and commercial buildings will also be featured.

“This map will be a handy tool and a handy resource for anyone interested in learning more about the civil rights movement in Natchez,” said Bobby Dennis, the museum’s executive director.

Earlier this year, Natchez was approved for inclusion on the Mississippi Freedom Trail by the Mississippi Humanities Council and Visit Mississippi. The designation, which comes with a historical marker, means the city will also be listed on the US Civil Rights Trail.


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