Stepping Stones Museum for Children reopens after 20 months with new spaces

NORWALK – “We’ve been closed for 20 months,” said Robert Townes, director of public affairs for the Stepping Stones Museum for Children, which recently hosted a grand reopening.

At first, the museum closed due to Covid issues, like most places, but then a renovation opportunity presented itself.

“When the pandemic hit, we thought it was a good opportunity to do all of this work at the same time, rather than gallery to gallery,” he explains.

Now the popular place is back with fresh energy and attractions.

“We have the animatronics Dilophosaurus, the dinosaur from the state of Connecticut, it’s still there,” Townes explains, noting that her surroundings are new. “One piece in the exhibit is Connecticut 200 million years ago… then you walk across, through our wacky time machine, and you’re in today’s Connecticut. “

Little Leo missed the museum when it was closed. He loves dinosaurs.

“When it all started he was two years old, so it’s been long years with very few options for someone who is curious and willing to learn. It’s amazing he’s back, ”says mom Jennifer Gould of Stamford.

The fun doesn’t stop there. There’s a new TV studio where kids can practice being a journalist or on-air weather forecaster.

“They can role-play and pretend,” Townes smiles. “You see children singing songs into the microphone. They become a budding Sarah Cody, so to speak.

The Healthyville Cafe has been expanded with an emphasis on locally sourced foods.

There is also the Lights On exhibition.

“It teaches kids all the fun and cool things you can do with light,” Townes explains. “We have seen a lot of older kids playing with the Light Bright, as well as the kids we serve. “

While the virtual programs worked, there was no substitute for a vibrant in-person experience.

And that’s what Stepping Stones offers.

“We’re just happy to be back to give kids the opportunity to go on their own learning journey, learn at their own pace and explore on their own,” Townes says. “It’s a fantastic time to come back.”

Click here to find out more about the museum’s extended hours.

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