The best and worst US cities for weed tourism, according to a new study

The holidays can be a pretty stressful time, so much so that you might want to get away from it all after spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with your in-laws. You can take the traditional route to relax with wine tasting in Napa Valley, but with weed tourism on the rise, why not opt ​​for something a little less conventional?

If you’re curious about your options, Upgraded Points recently released new data revealing the best and worst US cities to visit for a “canna-cation.” The company analyzed 50 major US cities where recreational weed is legal to determine its top picks. A variety of factors were considered when compiling the lists, including which cities had the most weed-friendly locations, cannabis tours, dispensaries, lowest costs and more.

It’s no surprise that Colorado accounts for three of the top 10 spots on the list of best cities to visit. Denver came in at number one, followed by Boulder with fourth place and Colorado Springs in eighth.

Several other western states were also on the list, including, of course, California. Oakland took third place and San Jose came in at number nine.

“In these states, economies of scale have been realized over the past decade, supported by a growing weed market that includes dispensaries, farm tours and cannabis lounges,” said Alex Miller. , founder of Upgraded Points, in a statement. “The industry supports more than 83,000 jobs in California alone.”

The East Coast didn’t fare as well, with only Portland, Maine making the list of top cannabis destinations. Other places on the East Coast, such as New York, Connecticut and Virginia for example, ranked among the worst places in the rankings in part due to the high local costs associated with cannabis-related vacations.

Check out the picks of the best and worst cities to visit for a cannabis-related vacation below.

Best cities for cannabis vacations:
2. Portland, Maine
4. Boulder, Colorado
5. Portland, Oregon
6. Scottsdale, Arizona
7. Henderson, Nevada
8. Colorado Springs
9. San Jose, California
10. Vegas

The worst cities for a cannabis vacation:
1. Anchorage, Alaska
2. Phoenix
3. Fresno, CA
4. Virginia Beach, Virginia
5. Reno, Nevada
6. Norfolk, Virginia
7. Bridgeport, Connecticut
8. Tucson, Arizona
9. New York
10. Chicago

See the full list, including travel cost details, here.

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