The Bristol Press – United Way of West Central Connecticut partners with Bristol Public Schools for summer vocational training program


BRISTOL – United Way of West Central Connecticut has partnered with Bristol Public Schools to offer students summer vocational training programs.

These programs provide work experience and prepare students for jobs outside of school.

Bristol police officers were at Bristol Eastern High School on Friday morning teaching students in the program about careers in law enforcement.

The agents answered questions and demonstrated what the different departments are doing.

The program coordinator said students could interact with different visiting career paths at the school, such as law enforcement.

“United Way has partnered with Bristol Public Schools to offer a program for students enrolled in the summer school to also follow our career exploration and work experience program,” said Nancy Micloskey, United Way Community Impact Coordinator. “If they do both, they get additional school credit and work-study credit and can earn up to $ 1,500 in our paid program. ”

Micloskey noted that the program had also received private funding and that students at Bristol Eastern High School had been placed in the community on various job boards. These sites include the local Shoprite, Imagine Nation, an early learning center, and Cambridge Park as part of the Boys & Girls Club. Another student works at the Bristol Adult Resource Center.

“The youngest students work exclusively in the Bristol school system, helping daycare staff prepare for the year ahead,” Micloskey said. “The older ones are placed on construction sites throughout the community. ”

The coordinator also said that students can interact with different visiting career paths at the school, such as law enforcement.

“I felt pretty good about it. I like working for my money, ”said Jamar Rodriguez, 15, who has helped staff prepare for the next school year. “I ended up meeting the Lieutenant Governor on the first day… I think this program is great and gives people a good opportunity to learn and make money over the summer.

16-year-old Gitanyalis Rosario said she planted, played with the children and helped with classes.

“This program is a great opportunity for a lot of underage children to get paid. It helps them to start their careers and to be independent, ”said Rosario.

Enisia Ferrer, 16, stationed at the Boys & Girls Club in Cambridge Park, and plays many games with the children.

“I watch them and make sure they play by the rules, fill out the paperwork and clean up. I love this program because it really gives you a lot of work experience and something great to put on a resume. It makes you proud to make money, ”Ferrer said.

Rosario noted that the best thing about the program was the support of its administration to help guide students in their first steps towards employment. Rodriguez said the program has helped him relate to others in a more professional way.

Lori Thériault of Work It !, an organization focused on business coaching and after-school programs, partnered with Centraide for the summer program. She said they have “certain responsibilities within the program, like handing over your time card or showing up on time.” A delay can cause you to be docked or dismissed.

“I would say the responsibility (is one of the most important skills) that they learn here,” Thériault said.

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