The Day – Connecticut Blue Heritage Trail launches with signs in Groton, New London, Waterford

Eight new signs in Groton, New London and Waterford mark sites important to Connecticut’s marine environment, maritime economy and culture.

The signs, which mark the first phase of the Blue Heritage Trail, are located at Bluff Point State Park and Coastal Reserve, Fort Trumbull State Park, Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park, Harkness Memorial State Park, Naval Submarine Base New London, New London Waterfront, Ocean Beach Park and the Avery Point Campus of the University of Connecticut, according to a news release.

“Connecticut’s maritime heritage, rooted in a productive and richly diverse marine environment, is long and varied,” the statement said. “It encompasses a historical trajectory that begins with Indigenous peoples’ relationship with the marine environment and includes the development of a robust maritime economy, significant cultural practices and meanings, recreational opportunities and military activities. Public awareness and appreciation of this heritage is essential to developing a fuller understanding of the value of the marine environment and the maritime heritage of the United States as a whole.

UConn Maritime Studies faculty and students, with help from the Blue Heritage Trail Advisory Board, developed the initiatives, and the signs were supported by funding from the National Park Service Maritime Heritage Grant, the report says. communicated. Project partners include the State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Connecticut Sea Grant, Connecticut State Parks, Thames River Heritage Park and UConn Avery Point.

The trail map includes a series of walking, driving, and boating tours, available on the IZI travel app, information boards, and an interactive website.

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