The Day – Fort Trumbull is clearly the best museum site

Senator Chris Murphy’s recent editorial made me wonder if the senator had walked and compared the proposed site behind the station and Fort Trumbull, “Sen. Murphy explains his support for the Coast Guard Museum in New London ”(October 19).

The land on which the fort sits and the adjacent vacant property offer great views of Long Island, Long Island Sound, Fishers Island, Groton, the River Thames and the New London waterfront. This property is attractive to build the Coast Guard Museum for several reasons.

1.) The proposed museum jam behind the station would destroy a piece of waterfront used for water taxi, cultural events, live music and space for travelers using trains, buses, ferries and taxis.

2.) The proposed walkway ($ 20 million) connecting the parking lot to the museum does not seem practical.

3.) The Fort Trumbull area offers acres to accommodate the museum, parking, and viewing areas to allow visitors to see much of the New London waterfront.

4.) The completion of the footbridge connecting the New London waterfront and Fort Trumbull would be a tourist destination in itself. Crossing Shaw Cove in coordination with the Amtrak Swing Bridge would be a technical challenge.

5.) All this would help to stimulate the redevelopment of land taken by eminent domain.

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